miércoles, marzo 17, 2010

2AM / I Did Wrong (Descargar album)

01. Prologue
02. 잘못했어 (I Did Wrong)
03. 어떡하죠 (What Should I Do)
04. 아니라기에 ('Cuz You Say No)
05. 일단 돌아서지만 (From Now, I'll Walk Away)
06. Lost
07. 죽어도 못 보내 (Won't Let You Go Even If I Die)
08. 웃 어 줄 수 없어서 미안하다 (I'm Sorry I Can't Laugh for You)
09. I Love You (feat. Baekchan, Joohee of 8eight)
10. 그녀에게 (To Her) (feat. Chansung of 2PM)
11. Epilogue (웃는다) (Laughter)


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